925 Silver Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits (2021)

925 Silver Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits

There are also interesting claims that silver nano-particles, released from silverware, can be very beneficial and that it cures the common cold, flu, intestinal issues, yeast infection, herpes and even cancer! Although there is not much evidence to support those claims, many people believe it’s true.

Silver beads are also believed to have some healing properties. It has a very strong vibration and energy. As the new energies are coming in these days and as we have to evolve very quickly, wearing silver can help us raise our own energy so that we’re at the same vibration as what’s coming in so we don’t get that feeling not being in tune with energies. Silver can also be used in meditation and it works especially well with the root chakra.

It can help you raise your energy and clear out all negativity. It also clears your thinking process which means you can solve problems more quickly, look at a problem from different angles, consider all possible outcomes, make better decisions, connect with your intuition, and know which path to take. Wearing silver can also help with communication.

If you’re having arguments or difficulties in communication with people, silver can help you better understand the issues and the causes of bad communication, it can help you express your thoughts and emotions in a more clear way, it enables you to listen more carefully and be aware of other person’s feelings and thoughts, and it increases the understanding between two people. Silver can also ground you and make you more in tune with yourself. It helps you to deal with your emotions, find the root of the problem, acknowledge it and let negative emotions go. Silver is also connected to wealth and abundance and wearing it is considered to bring money in your life. It can help you make better business decisions and thus making it possible to get to higher career positions and to create a very profitable business.

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925 Silver Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits (2021)

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