Cancer Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

Cancer Birthstone And Color

Cancer Traits

Cancer Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorIf your birthday is between June 22nd and July 22nd that means your star sign is Cancer! Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, it rules the fourth house in the zodiac wheel, and it is also a cardinal sign which means Cancers are innate leaders, although you might not realize it because they don’t always show it. Cancer is also a water sign which means they’re in tune with their feelings and emotions. They are part of the water Trinity which includes Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. And last but not least, it is a feminine sign ruled by the Moon. This all means a lot, so let’s start with cancer ruling the fourth house of the zodiac. Cancer rules home, it rules our roots, family, background, relatives. It also rules the past. This sign is represented by the symbol of the crab and most people think that means that Cancers have a tendency to walk backwards and that’s not exactly true, but they do have the tendency to go over and over their past time and time again, and are very attached to it. Cancers are very attached to their memories and especially their family. Family means the most for a Cancer person; their relatives are just so important to them, more than anything.

Cancer in general, as a sign, also rules clan-like organizations. So for instance, whatever runs in the family, whatever is kept in the family, whatever looks like a clan, whatever organization seems to be working as a close-knit, clan-like family has something to do with Cancer. It’s actually the very nature of Cancer, so family comes first for Cancers. Also, Cancers are the natural born parents of the zodiac because they’re ruled by the Moon, their nature tells them to nurture and be nurtured. Like a mother who always takes care of her children, that’s what Cancer does; it takes care of all the people close to him/her. If you if you get to be a Cancer’s friend, they will consider you family. But remember, if you do step on Cancer’s toes when it comes to their actual family, they will always put their relatives first.

The Moon turns Cancers into these moody people which can be quite problematic. They actually got this reputation for being quite emotional and touchy-feely, all over the place, a bit chaotic, and they’re not that good at controlling feelings and emotions. That is true to an extent because what they feel is so deep. Because Cancer is the very first water sign, it always has to deal with this overflow of emotions and feelings, and because of that they sometimes seem like way too much to handle. So in general, people with the zodiac of Cancer are very soft people on the inside, super loving, super nurturing, all they’re waiting for in this life is too pour love onto people, but because they know they get hurt so easily, anything that people do or say can get to them, it can affect them. They build this super hard, strong shell around them and they act as if nothing touches them. That is not true, but they’re good at disguising their feelings.

Cancers get very attached to things and they don’t want to let them go. So once they have something in their lives, they kind of make it a part of their universe and don’t want to let it go at all. So letting go is one of the hardest parts for this sign. They tend to become a bit obsessive about relationships, about people in our lives, about structures, about the way things are because this is what makes them feel safe. If you take something like that out of their lives, a Cancer won’t feel safe anymore and that is the worst that you can do to a Cancer.

Cancers feel guilty a lot for the things that they haven’t done well, for having hurt other people’s feelings because they care so much. Cancers actually care about other people’s feelings a lot more than they care about themselves, and in the process end up harming themselves. Guilt is something that a Cancer has to deal with on a daily basis, and if you are a Cancer, you need to understand that you can’t make everyone happy and it’s not a responsibility to make everyone happy. Life is not just about taking care of others, that’s what mothers do. So that’s why Cancer is such a maternal sign.

The main downside to this side is getting hurt easily. Cancers just take things way too heavily and way too much to the heart than they should because sometimes people just say things without thinking of others. But all in all, it is such a great sign to have around. Cancers listen to people, they genuinely care about other people’s problems. They will think of a solution and be the shoulder for you to cry on. Cancers are the funniest people you will ever meet in this life. They like to entertain and they want to make you feel good. Because of their innate ability to spot emotions and feelings and nonverbal language so easily, they know exactly what to say and how to say it. So Cancers can be extremely good comedians; they know what to tell people to entertain them.

Body wise, Cancers rule the chest and Cancer women tend to be very well-endowed in this area. Cancer men can be a bit of a mommy’s boy, they love their moms more than anything in this world. Because this is such a nurturing sign, profession-wise, anything that’s got to do with a social cause, anything that’s got to do with looking after someone, taking care of people, is a very good choice for this sign. Also, Cancers are very good at making money because money to them means safety and they want a lot of it so that they can feel safe. If they don’t have money, they don’t feel safe and their world is crumbling. And you should heed Cancer’s advice because they’re natural born leaders, a cardinal sign, they know which road to take. Most of the times, they are pretty good at nailing down what’s good and what’s bad because they have such a good intuition. They are a water sign so they are very in tuned in to their instincts.

Cancer Birthstone

Now that you understand the zodiac of Cancer much better, and their positive and negative traits, it is time to get familiar with Cancer birthstones. They are moonstone, rose quartz, calcite, ruby, and brookite. All of these special birthstones have the ability to bring positive change and prosperity to this sign. These stones were worn as special jewelry since the ancient times and are believed to serve as protection as well.


MoonstoneBecause the zodiac of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, moonstone is the main birthstone for this zodiac, and definitely the most powerful one. Wearing moonstone jewelry can completely transform Cancer’s life and allow them to harness the incredibly powerful Moon energy. This beautiful crystal is also very feminine, just like Cancer. This zodiac can be intensely influenced by the Moon energy, especially women, who often feel overly emotional, unreasonable, sensitive, and unbalanced. Moonstone deals particularly with those problems and can actually balance out all of those emotions and energies. The best time to wear moonstone jewelry is when the moon is full. It will guide you through all of those intense feelings, while keeping you calm and collected. So don’t let that Moon energy throw you off ever again. With tth off ever again.rgy thrwo f those intense feelings, while keeping you calm adn is zodiac, adn on adn he help of a moonstone crystal, you can actually control the energy of the Moon and use it to make you stronger and raise your spirit.

Rose Quartz

This feminine, rose colored quartz is another birthstone that resonates deeply with the Cancer star sign. Rose quartz exudes positive energy of love, healing, kindness, and joy. And that’s what Cancers are all about. Their warmth is very apparent and something they should pride themselves on. This birthstone aids this zodiac in finding true love, which is something that is of utmost importance to them. When Cancer feels unconditional love, they reciprocate in the same way and feel extremely safe and relaxed. If you still didn’t find that special someone who will fill your life with joy and happiness, keeping a rose quartz nearby might speed up that process and soon you’ll find someone very significant coming into your life.


Calcite birthstone is a primarily a cleansing crystal and heals the heart chakra. This is beneficial to all Cancers because of the amount of different emotions they go through every day. They often feel overwhelmed and seem to take things to personally which can have a detrimental effect or their emotional health. A calcite birthstone is perfect for cleansing excess energy and getting rid of negative feelings. You will feel more grounded and your mental and cognitive function will improve. Releasing all of those built up emotions is one of the best things a Cancer can do and it feels so good and freeing.


Ruby is a very passionate birthstone which is very apparent when we look at it stunning shade of red. It is known as a crystal of love, passion, unconditional love, partnership, romance, union, and wholeness. Cancer is a very romantic star sign and their caring nature makes them the perfect love partners. However, this sign often has trouble finding the right person to settle with because they’re looking for a strong feeling of security and true love. Ruby is a birthstone that manifests new love easily and helps a Cancer to see who has good intentions and who the right person for them is. Ruby is also a stone of friendship and partnership so if your dear friend is a Cancer, ruby jewelry might be the perfect gift to show how valuable your friendship is.

Cat’s Eye Obsidian

Cancer Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorCat’s eye obsidian is visually a very unique crystal. Its dark color and golden inclusions look like eyes and that’s why this stone was always considered to be very mystical and powerful. Cancers who lack confidence or are unsure of themselves should pay close attention to this birthstone and try wearing it as jewelry. It will eliminate any fears that you might have and make you feel more sure of yourself. A nice cat’s eye obsidian bracelet can also serve as a reminder that you are powerful and can achieve anything you set your mind to. Cancers often put the needs and wishes of others before their own and that can result in underachieving. Remember that you are a very capable individual and let yourself be a bit selfish sometimes and take care of yourself first.


Brookite is a very unique crystal and another one of the Cancer birthstones. This gemstone has incredible metaphysical properties and powers that can help you to attract more abundance and success in your life. Although the zodiac of Cancer is not very materialistic, they love having enough money around because that makes that feel safe and secure. So if you want to attract wealth and success in business, brookite is an amazing tool to do so.

Cancer Color

Color is also an important aspect of the zodiac that is often neglected. Every one of the twelve signs has its power colors that bring them luck, prosperity, and overall good energies. Violet, green, and silver are amazing colors for Cancer and represent this sign very well. Violet corresponds to your feminine and gentle nature and it is a symbol of kindness and love. Having a lot of violet shades around the house will make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Green is a great color when it comes to outfits for Cancers. Dark or emerald green looks amazing on you and will give you the confidence that you need. When buying jewelry for a Cancer, silver is definitely the way to go. It’s simple, yet beautiful and mysterious, just like this zodiac.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

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