Clear Quartz Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits (2021)

Clear Quartz Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits

Clear quartz also has many interesting metaphysical properties that can affect the person wearing it. It is a very strong and diverse crystal with many amazing characteristics. Planets of clear quartz are the sun and the moon and this crystal can represent all elements, but it mostly represents water because of its ice-like look. It can also be beneficial for any of the chakras. Being clear, this crystal infuses all the different colors of the rainbow. It’s a very diverse crystal and wearing clear quartz jewelry can have many benefits. It can help you with your physical stamina, it can help you balance your emotions, it can help you think positively and it can also help you to grow spiritually and to transcend and get clarity in your spiritual life.

So in terms of physical stamina, when you’re feeling a bit flat, wearing clear quartz can boost your energy and you might feel a bit more energized. It has a very uplifting energy that can help you through the day if you’re feeling a bit down and tired. And it is ideal to wear it higher on the body.

Most of diseases in the body result in the body when it’s out of balance and clear quartz beads helps to bring the body out of balance because it contains that white light. It’s especially great with any issues with the brain whether it be a concussion, brain damage or a tumor. The brain is the master organ of the clear quartz and they work really well together to bring everything together how it should be. Another great way that you can use clear quartz is to help any pain because pain happens when the body is out of balance. It is helpful to wear clear quartz jewelry close to where the pain is.

Clear quartz also balances your aura and your energy and it is a great healing stone. It can protect you and if you wear your clear quartz jewelry during sleep, it can improve your sleep and make your calmer. Clear quartz is also known as the milk crystal and wearing it near the chest area can help lactation in women. During meditation, clear quartz can help you filter all of the other things that might be going on in your mind. So if you have negative thoughts in your head, worries, or you just can’t seem to concentrate on the meditation, clear quartz can help with that and only give you the things that you need to know or receive during meditation and it can help your relax and center yourself a lot easier and faster.

Clear quartz beads also increases awareness and brings clarity in thinking. It can help us with being more perceptive of things around us and have better judgment. If you have trouble with memory and keep forgetting things or you’re not concentrated, wearing clear quartz jewelry can help improve your memory and brain function. It strengthens your personal point of view, organizes your thoughts to make your views more coherent and clear. Wearing clear quartz can double your energy and it is a very strong crystal that can have many spiritual benefits.

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Clear Quartz Positive Healing Properties and Health Benefits (2021)

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