Pisces Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

Pisces Traits

Pisces Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorPisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and if you’re born between February 19th and March 20th, this is your star sign! First of all, Pisces are ruled by Neptune which is the planet of creativity, of no boundaries, and the planet of artists. Neptune in Greek and Roman mythology would rule the seas and the oceans so the Pisces energy is boundless; it has no limits. Pisces in general are in tune with the energy of the universe so they are very spiritual people, they can sense other people’s feelings quite easily. They are a water sign and a feminine sign as well, that also says a lot about the type of energy surrounding them. Because they are the 12th sign of the zodiac, that means that Pisces and Neptune rule the 12th house. The 12th house in a birth chart rules hidden enemies, karma, the subconscious, dreams etc. So most of the times, the twelfth house rules the things that we aren’t even aware of, things that are very deep within our subconscious and we need to dig throughout our whole lives to uncover what’s happening deep down in there. In old astrology, the 12th house was considered to have a lot to do with death, however that’s not necessarily true.

Pisces in general are very attuned to the collective consciousness and to the consciousness of the entire universe. They can tell from the get-go if they have a good hunch about someone or if they have a bad feeling about something. So they’re very good at reading people’s feelings and are very sensitive in that sense. In addition to this, Pisces, because they have this tendency to see the good in people, might come across as being a little bit too innocent, maybe naive, but that’s not true. Their energy says something else; they say love in the universe knows no boundaries, love for the entire humanity should not know any boundaries, and so that’s why they choose to see the good in people.

Pisces are ruled by Neptune. Neptune as a planet is a modern one so it affects masses of people, it affects the whole humanity and a whole generation of people. For instance, between 1970 and 1984, Neptune was in Sagittarius and the people born at that time are known to be idealist who believe in a better cause. Neptune dissolves boundaries and the structures imposed upon us by Saturn, the planet of structure and control. Neptune is all about peace, harmony, about becoming one with the universe. However, because this world has a lot to do with Saturn and structure and control, people that are ruled by Neptune, including Pisces, become very disappointed earlier in life and they tend to build a facade between them and the whole world so that people don’t take advantage of them anymore. Neptune is also the planet of illusion, magic, and enchantment and that is why Pisces are very good artists. They are extremely creative; they see the world with different eyes, they’re masters of illusions in themselves. As a profession, a Pisces would do excellently if they would choose, for instance, photography or film directing or even anything that’s got to do with beauty and makeup. Pisces are very good in professions that require a different vision because they see the world with different eyes. They filter reality and then they render it more beautiful and more glamorous. Speaking of glamour, Pisces women are the most glamorous women of the whole zodiac because they are very good at transforming themselves in the character that people want to see in front of them. Pisces are also very good at predicting what people will like. So for instance, if you’re working with a Pisces, they are very good for predicting trends. So pay attention to what a Pisces is saying because it might be the next big thing that changes the world.

Pisces in general, are the sign of martyrs, of people who would sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Pisces hate conflict; they want people to live in harmony and they will most likely avoid conflict at any cost. They will also willingly sacrifice themselves for your own good just so that they don’t feel guilty with it afterwards because they can’t live with all the guilt. Pisces feel that somehow everything that’s happening in the world, good or bad, has something to do with them just because they can sense all the energy moving around them. Pisces, in general, have a propensity towards vices and addictions. They easily become addicted to everything that pleases their senses and allows them to escape this world because they don’t really think the world will ever be as good as they imagined it to be in their head, so they prefer to escape. So Pisces, be very careful with that.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorOn the bright side, Pisces love to love; they love the entire universe and their love is limitless, it knows no boundaries. When they fall in love with someone, they are going to give their entire being on a silver platter forever because they believe in forever. The ideal partner for a Pisces, and the complementary sign on the zodiac chart, is Virgo. Virgo is the discerning earth sign of the zodiac whereas Pisces is the idealist, the one who loves with no boundaries, who would sacrifice himself for the good of the whole humanity. These two work very well together because Pisces is going to show Virgo how not to get lost in details, how to see the bigger picture, and transcend the mundane, whereas Virgo is going to keep Pisces grounded. So Pisces and Virgo energies work very well together in love and romance, and also in business because they complement each other very beautifully.

Pisces Birthstones

Most people know their zodiac sign but are not aware of their birthstones. These special crystals vibrate at the energy of a particular sign and can assist one in many different ways, depending on the stone. That’s why it’s recommended to use more than one birthstone. Wearing birthstones as any type of jewelry, or simply having them around may significantly change your experiences for the better and make you feel more complete. Pisces birthstones are amethyst, aquamarine, blue lace agate, golden topaz, lapis lazuli, and turquoise. These birthstones are also amazing gifts for your favorite Pisces.


Amethyst is famous for its gorgeous purple color, as well as strong positive vibrations. As a birthstone, it is very soothing and calming. If you are a Pisces who has trouble falling asleep or wake up at night, having an amethyst near your bed might help you sleep better and wake up rested. Pisces also tend to be quite nervous and anxious sometimes, especially in social situations. If you feel like that, wearing amethyst jewelry might aid you in gaining more confidence and being more at ease. Having a calm mind is always beneficial and leads to a more content and joyful existence.


This stunning blue birthstone is particularly beneficial to all Pisces who consider themselves to be artists or creative people in general. Pisces are very intuitive and have an eye for beautiful things which makes them perfect for any creative profession. If you sometimes feel stuck in your creative work or lack inspiration, wearing aquamarine jewelry might spark your imagination and lead you through the artistic process. Aquamarine is also good for communicating those ideas to others. So if you need to make a presentation of your work or do any kind of public speaking, this birthstone will fill you with the energy of confidence and power, as well as calm down the nerves. Aquamarine is also a great crystal for use during meditation and its water and moon energy connect your spirit to higher realms.

Blue Lace Agate

Pisces Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorBlue lace agate is a special kind of agate stone with delicate baby blue stripes. It is a very relaxing birthstone, perfect for meditation and grounding. Its energy is also believed to have healing properties. Pisces are very sensitive people who can get influenced by negative energy from others. They tend to pick up on the dissatisfaction of others and feel it themselves. It could be beneficial for a Pisces to keep a blue lace agate close by for protection. A blue lace agate can serve as some kind of an energy shield that will stop others from influencing you in a negative or harmful way. Although Pisces tend to think that everyone is good and they trust most people, they should be aware that there are bad and negative people out there.

Golden Topaz

This birthstone is also known as imperial or yellow topaz and it is a powerful crystal used for manifestation and creating more abundance. Abundance doesn’t mean only material wealth, but spiritual as well. If you’re a Pisces who wants to manifest more positive and good things into your life, golden topaz is a great tool for that. Aligning yourself with want you want to attract is extremely important. If you’re in the mindset of lack, that’s exactly what you’ll get. On the other hand, thinking positively and concentrating on your true life path will only bring good things into your life. Pisces tend to look at themselves as martyrs and often suffer for no reason at all. That kind of mindset can be very detrimental to one’s wellbeing. Golden topaz can be a good reminder to Pisces that they need to concentrate their energy towards joy, happiness, and being content.

Lapis Lazuli

The mysterious blue stone known as lapis lazuli is very ancient and was particularly popular in ancient Egyptian and Roman times. This is the birthstone of visionaries, which Pisces very often are. This zodiac has a unique ability to see far out into the future and be very imaginative. Lapis lazuli enhances that innate ability and allows Pisces to go even further. This birthstone also works great for improving communication and relationships in general. Pisces are very sensitive people, but they often hide it and try to appear emotionally stronger that they actually are. That can cause some problems with their loved ones, especially because Pisces hate conflict and would do anything to avoid it. Lapis lazuli is the stone of truth and is a great tool for this zodiac to be more truthful about who they are and be ready to improve the relationships with their loved ones. The best way to take advantage of all of the powerful energy of lapis lazuli, wear it as a bracelet or necklace.


Turquoise is the oldest stone used by humans ever and that speaks a lot about its value and power. This birthstone is perfect for emotional work, and that’s something very important for Pisces because they tend to get overwhelmed by their emotions quite often. Pisces are very in tune with people around them and feel the energy of the outside world quite strongly. That makes them great friends to have because they offer valuable insight. However, that’s a lot of weight on their shoulders and they often neglect their personal emotional state in favor of dealing with other people’s. Turquoise is a stone that cleanses all of that excess energy and reminds Pisces to focus on themselves for a moment and see how they feel. Wearing turquoise jewelry is a good practice anytime you feel emotionally exhausted and decide to work things out.

Pisces Colors

When talking about Pisces, it is important to mention the colors that have special significance for them. Those are blue, violet, and turquoise. The color blue signifies calmness, relaxation, contemplation, and tranquility, and that what all Pisces should strive for. Blue is also the color of some of the Pisces birthstones including lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and aquamarine. Turquoise is a similarly calming color which restores balance, heals emotions, and restores energy. This color is great to have around the home if you’re a Pisces. Another important color for Pisces is violet because it represents beauty, art, creativity, magic, and spirituality and all of those are of high interest to this zodiac.

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Pisces Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

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