Taurus Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

Taurus Traits

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and applies to anyone born April 21st to May 20th. It is represented as the bull and Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, the Roman goddess of love. Let’s explore some Taurus traits!

Taurus Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorThis is a sign that is very stubborn, very sensual, and very much about building financial and material stability and security around themselves. The bull symbolizes love and protection, stability, fertility, wealth, luxury, dependability, and consistency. It is very much a sign that’s symbolized by strength, but it’s also a very mellow and relaxed sign. Just like a bull that spends most of its time just grazing on a field, enjoying the sunshine, and not really doing much. It’s really difficult to get a bull to do something it doesn’t really want to do, but when it is threatened, it gets steaming mad and just charges fully. All of these are true for the Taurus personality. Another symbol that could represent a Taurus is a tree because they pick one place, they put their roots down and then they stay there forever. The longer they stay there, the more difficult it is to change them. Once a Taurus is in one place and gets comfortable, it doesn’t move and they’re not going anywhere. That’s a theme that you see throughout the whole Taurus personality. When a Taurus moves forward, it does so slowly and cautiously unlike many other sings. They want to make sure that every step they take forward is calculated and that every decision they make now is going to benefit them in the long run.

One thing you hear a lot when people are talking about a Taurus is that they’re stubborn. In a good way, that makes them really durable, reliable, strong, powerful, and really successful in the long term. In a bad way, it also makes them uncooperative, unreasonable, so you kind of take the good with the bad. On one hand, you get somebody who is really stable and a rock in any relationship, but at the same time the stubbornness can be exhausting because they’re so resistant to change. A Taurus holds on to their ideas, opinions, mementos, sentimental things. They’re very habitual; they do the same things every day at the exact same time and order. That’s why they often get stuck in relationships, jobs, and also get stuck on certain emotions. If they make good choices, their pick will only increase their happiness, but if they choose a wrong relationship or job, or if they’re angry, sad or upset, they can also hold on to those things well past the point where they should just have let go. The problem is that they get so comfortable in one place and they’re so resistant to change, while thinking their stubbornness will outlast all the problems. But that usually doesn’t happen.

For example, when a Taurus gets angry, they don’t express their anger, but instead hold all of it inside themselves and just don’t let it go. The problem is that that anger then doesn’t go away and it can be stuck there for years until they finally reach a critical breaking point where they just explode like a volcano and have a big breakdown where they completely sever ties like break up with somebody or quit their job. Taurus is known to have the worst temper of all signs of the zodiac. What throws a Taurus out of balance are new and unexpected changes because they don’t adapt to them very well.

The first time you meet a Taurus, they’re probably going to be very shy and introverted and probably won’t talk to you much. They can be a bit socially anxious so they have a small group of friends they really like hanging out with but it’s really difficult to go out and introduce themselves to new people. When you do get to know a Taurus and they do start to open up to you a little bit more, you’ll see a completely different side of their personality, like a great sense of humor. When it comes to romantic relationships, a Taurus is traditionally monogamous and settle down pretty early in the relationship. If you are married to a Taurus, they’re in it for the long run. Where a Taurus excels is their career. They work really hard and like to save money. A Taurus is very focused and they usually excel at what they do, which is a very nice trait. They are usually in very high positions and thrive in that kind of environment. Although they can sometimes seem stern when it comes to business, that’s not the case, they simply want to do it right.

Taurus Birthstone

Each sign of the zodiac has their own special birthstones that correspond to the month they were born in. These stones are often worn as jewelry for protection or in order to emphasize or balance out certain zodiac traits. These gemstones are were powerful and all of them are known for different metaphysical properties which are very powerful and can have a great influence on our lives. Taurus birthstones are kyanite, rose quartz, emerald, amber, aventurine, and they also have garnet as their talismanic stone. If you want to find out more about each birthstone and how it is important to a Taurus, read the explanations below.


Kyanite beadsIn Greek, kyanite means “deep blue” and that’s a clue to its most common color. The incredibly stunning shade of dark blue is what really makes this gemstone special, along with its amazing and powerful metaphysical properties. This is a birthstone of communication and understanding which is very valuable for a Taurus. A person with this zodiac can express their ideas clearly and they know exactly what they want, however they are not so open to changing those ideas which can be a bit frustrating. Kyanite helps a Taurus to have a better communication with people and be open to other’s ideas more, which is important in every relationship, whether it’s business or personal. Wearing kyanite jewelry can also help understanding others and their intentions better. Taurus can sometimes be wary of people and quite introverted at the beginning which usually comes out of fear and insecurity. Kyanite helps us to be open with others and understand their point of view better.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz represents unconditional love and is another one of the Taurus birthstones. It was used a love token from the ancient times and helps people find true love, have better relationships and more compassion. This is an important stone for the Taurus romantic side. As we have learned, this sign is very devoted and wants to find that special person to be with for the rest of their lives. That is a very romantic notion and everyone who is married to a Taurus can be sure that they will never leave them. Rose quartz as a birthstone really symbolizes that amazing Taurus treat and the great amount of love they have for that special someone. Since Taurus is not interested in a casual relationship or having many partners, wearing rose quartz jewelry can help them to find the person they will want to spend the rest of their lives much quicker, which is the ultimate goal of this sign.


This stunning green stone has been used for literally thousands of years and there are good reasons why. First of all, its beauty is simply mesmerizing, but its metaphysical properties are also very appealing. This is also a birthstone of unconditional love, same as the rose quartz and the fact that the sign of Taurus has two such birthstones speaks a lot about their nature and need for love. But emerald is not simply about igniting romantic passion, but also passion towards other things in life, like work or hobbies. If a Taurus feels stuck or bored at work, wearing an emerald stone can help them spark that interest once more and allow them to be more focused, creative, and capable at their workplace. Emerald also increases cognitive ability and memory which is very important when doing any type of work.


Strawberry QuartzAmber has been captivating people with its amazing golden yellow color for centuries and it was always considered to be a very valuable and precious stone. Its metaphysical properties reveal that amber is a great stone for protection, especially against physical illness. Taurus is considered to be a very strong sign of the zodiac and having amber as a birthstone reflects that need to be healthy and perseverant. Wearing golden amber jewelry can help a Taurus to fight off any disease, as well as be strong in spirit. Amber also releases any negative emotions or moods that a Taurus has been holding onto. Grudges and negative energy is something every Taurus struggles with because it’s hard for them to simply let go. Amber encourages that release and can be a great reminder for this sign to express their emotions more often because that results in a much happier and tranquil life.


This beautiful green birthstone is known for bringing abundance and luck to one’s life. It corresponds to the sign of Taurus because they like to live comfortably and have many assets in life. Any time a Taurus financial stability or way of life is threatened in any way, they feel very afraid and anxious, which is not a good state of mind. Keeping aventurine close by can help bring abundance of wealth and security in their life. Also, when feeling that things are not going our way, aventurine birthstone brings that bit of luck that we desperately needed. If you’re looking to buy a very meaningful and valuable present for your favorite Taurus, aventurine is definitely a great choice.

Talismanic Stone

Talismanic stones are an addition to birthstones and each sign has a different one. For Taurus, it’s garnet. This special stones can also be worn as talismans for protection and correspond to each sign.


Garnet, Taurus talismanic stone, is another very intense stone. Like its color, it exudes passion and creativity. Since the sign of Taurus is considered to be very artistic, whether it’s drawing, painting, music, or writing, garnet increases those creative powers. Wearing garnet jewelry at work can also be very beneficial. Almost every career requires some type of creative thinking and out of the box ideas. Since a Taurus wants to be very successful career wise, a broad and sharp mind is very necessary. This talismanic stone also has special value for a female Taurus because it boosts that strong feminine energy. If you’re a woman Taurus who is very driven and want to be very successful in business, a dark red garnet is perfect for you.

Taurus Colors

Each sign of the zodiac has its own lucky colors that bring them special powers. It is a great idea to surround yourself with those colors as much as possible. For Taurus, the color pink is traditionally their luckiest color. When things are not going according to plans, any shade of pink will calm a Taurus down and help them adapt much more easily. There are a couple of other great colors for Taurus. Copper is a great choice because it exudes strength and power and this is very important for the bull. This color will help bring business and financial success. Emerald green is another color that is great for work success because it increases confidence, creative thinking, and helps with coworker relationships. For a Taurus that wishes to have a softer, approachable energy and meet people more easily, white is the perfect choice. This is a color that signifies gentleness, peace, positive energy, and inspiration. White can be a great color for Taurus artistic side because it calms them down and inspires them. This sign would definitely feel very comfortable in a simple, predominantly white room so take that into consideration when decorating and designing your home. 

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Taurus Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

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