Virgo Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

Virgo Traits

Virgo Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorVirgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and this is your sign if you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Virgo is a mutable sign, it’s also a feminine one, and an earth sign. So the fact that it’s the sixth sign of the zodiac means that Virgo rules physical health and is ruled by Mercury. Virgos are very practical creatures as some of you who have Virgos in their lives or if you’re one yourself know that well. They are the perfectionist of the zodiac and they are the people meant to be useful to the entire humanity and be of service to everyone else because someone’s got to do the job right and that person is going to be a Virgo. In general, Virgos are a bit shy and they don’t like stepping out in the limelight like the sign preceding them, Leo, who is all about the limelight. Virgos, on the contrary, work very well behind the scenes and they like to get on with the task at hand. Virgos make lists for everything because they need to make sure that every single detail is taken care of. This sign knows that the devil is in the detail, unlike Leo who is all about ah the bigger picture, but might get lost on its way because he hasn’t paid attention to the details. Virgo knows that it’s the little things that makes everything work in this life.

Virgo is the ultimate utilitarian; they want to be of service to others, they appreciate the value of useful things and for instance, if a Virgo is attached to you in some way, expect useful gifts because that is who they are and that is how they think. They are very pragmatic, hence the earth affinity. On the other hand, because they’re ruled by Mercury and they’re a mutable sign, that makes them very adaptable. So although they might be shy to start with, Mercury actually gives them quite a gregarious side and also makes their mind super quick so they get things, they understand them, they are fast thinkers, they think and act on their feet, and they’re always on the move helping others or helping themselves, and making this world a little bit more perfect. They are perfectionists and they are very critical of the world surrounding them. Virgos want to make it better for others, but also for themselves. Virgo can be very hard on her/himself because of this feature of theirs. They see the details and they focus on them and that can lead to obsessions and it can detract them from seeing the bigger picture and from saying that things are actually going really well. Virgos are very good physicians and doctors and surgeons. Mercury makes them really good with their hands and also their attention to detail is unparalleled. They’re very finicky and concentrated and that makes them great at what they do.

On the other hand, because they’re an earth sign and they’re always thinking about the practical side of life, they might find it hard to express their feelings, to express their passion, so even when they’re in love, don’t expect a Virgo to be over the moon with their loved one because that’s just not who they are. So if your partner is a Virgo, pay attention to the little things that Virgo does for you and that’s what’s going to tell you if they care about you or not. The opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces so they’re inevitable partners so to speak. These people are attracted to each other throughout their lives, but they’re very different. But somehow being together makes them grow as persons so Pisces is with their head in the clouds and Virgo has feet firmly on the ground and they kind of bring the yin to their yang and it all sort of works somehow.

In terms of physical body, Virgo rules the intestines so when they when they’re upset or when they’re very anxious, be careful because Virgos tend to become anxious and suffer from anxiety throughout their lives, they get stomach problems. On the other hand, because they’re always on the move and because they’re ruled by Mercury, Virgos don’t really have weight problems throughout their lives. They would never go through, for instance, what a Taurus might go through because they’re ruled by Venus. Virgo is very careful about what they put inside their body and they care about their health a lot. That makes them live longer.

Overall, Virgos tend to be very successful in their careers and very good friends to have around. They are very loyal and will help you the best way they can. Although they might not show it so obviously, Virgos actually care deeply for their loved ones and would do anything for them. Family is something Virgos hold dear to their heart and they usually want a big family with lots of children. Their parenting skills are great and their children can learn so much from them. The main downside to this sign is that they usually work too much and are stressed about small details that are often not that important.

Virgo Birthstones

If you’re a Virgo, there are powerful birthstone crystals you should know about. Or if you know a Virgo, these would be the perfect gift for them. Birthstones are special stones that correspond to each sign of the zodiac and have been used for centuries for healing, protection, and overcoming negative traits of each star sign. Keeping them nearby, or wearing them as jewelry can have amazing effects on one’s life and allow you to live a more content life. Virgo birthstones are garnet, smithsonite, kyanite, peridot, and lapis lazuli. If you want to find out more about the metaphysical powers of each one, read on.

Moss Agate

Virgo Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and ColorMoss agate is a gorgeous green stone that represents earth and nature. It helps us connect to Mother Nature and draw from its powerful energy. Moss agate is an important birthstone for a Virgo because, first of all, it allows them to calm down and relax. Virgos are very hardworking which is great, but that oftentimes leads to stress and fatigue. Connecting to the earth energy and spending time in nature is the perfect cure for that and it’s something all Virgos should consider. Also, Virgo is an earth sign so their energy frequency is the same as that of moss agate stone. Because of that, Virgos usually feel a lot more powerful when wearing moss agate jewelry. The spirits of nature that moss agate represents are going to ground this zodiac and help them lead a more satisfied life.


The ancient Greeks were big fans of the garnet stone and wore it for protection and healing. Garnet power goes beyond its beauty and it is the perfect crystal for a Virgo. If you’re feeling low in energy and overwhelmed, that’s usually a consequence of the modern life. It is required of us that we’re on top of our game every single day and that can be quite exhausting, even for a Virgo who loves being on the go. Our careers ask so much from us and we’re often left fatigued and unable to enjoy the present moment. Garnet is a birthstone that clears Virgo’s energy blockages and allows them to make it through a hard day at work. When you wear garnet jewelry, you will feel your inner vitality and zest. Garnet is also a very passionate stone and symbolizes relationships and love. If your partner is a Virgo, a garnet birthstone is a great gift idea because it will definitely spice up your relationships and bring back that fire and passion. Virgos are usually not the ones to express their love so freely, and garnet might help with being more open with their emotions.


Smithsonite is primarily a communication birthstone. The type of communication smithsonite aids can be spiritual as well as with people that surround you. If there is some tension in your family and everything seems a bit off, smithsonite can help you as a Virgo to express your feelings more clearly and calmly, which is the key for every conversation. You might feel that your loved ones don’t understand you, but that might simply be because you’re not clear enough with your needs and emotions. Virgos are not big on expressing deep feelings and that’s why smithsonite birthstone may be very beneficial. Being able to express your ideas at work is also important so make sure to state them clearly. This birthstone is also used for spiritual work and reaching deep states of relaxation and joy. If you meditate, use this stone to reach higher levels of consciousness and spiritual guidance.


KyaniteKyanite is a mysterious dark blue stone that enchants everyone with its beauty. It is another birthstone that aids communication and conversations. Some Virgos can be really shy and anxious in social situations. Having to talk to different people or do public speaking can be quite a challenge for this zodiac. If you have these problems, you may wish to wear kyanite jewelry close your throat chakra in order to remove any fears and be able to speak more clearly. Kyanite also improves your cognitive function so you will remember things more easily and be much quicker when thinking and speaking.


Peridot is a nice green colored stone that brings positive energy into one’s life. Virgos sometimes tend to be down or depressed and can get caught up in negative energy. Peridot as a birthstone relieves tensions, negativity, anxiety, and depressions. It is a good idea for Virgos to have this powerful stone nearby. Another way peridot can be used is to bring abundance to your life. This birthstone will bring you more of everything that you want and allow you to fulfill all of your dreams. Wealth makes Virgos feel secure because their main goal is to provide for their family, and peridot brings lots of it. Success will follow you if a peridot is in your possession and make you feel fulfilled.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stunning blue stone that was very popular in ancient Egyptian times and it was more valuable than gold. Egyptians believed that lapis lazuli opens the pathway to the spiritual realm and brings success for the person who owns it. This birthstone brings intuition to your life and removes any distractions. Virgos might benefit from this birthstone because it helps them to be more in tune with themselves and follow their unique path. Lapis lazuli is also the stone of truth and intellect, which are very important to a Virgo. The best way to bring the powerful metaphysical properties of lapis lazuli into your life is by wearing it as jewelry.

Virgo Color

Colors that we choose and surround ourselves with have a great impact on our mood and wellbeing. That’s why we should pick colors carefully and make sure they’re aligned with our energy. The most powerful and beneficial colors for the zodiac of Virgo are green, blue, and purple. Green represents Virgo’s diligent nature and intelligence. This is the color you should choose for your work environment and well as your business outfits. Green also represents the earth and nature which is perfect because a Virgo is an earth sign. Blue has a very calming effect on this zodiac and it is a great choice of color to have around the house. Purple represents Virgo’s reasonable and methodical nature. It also accentuates beauty and attractiveness so definitely add some purple accessories to your outfit.

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Virgo Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color (2021)

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