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Wholesale White Magnesite Stone Beads

Beads introduction
Magnesite belongs to the calcite group and all members of the calcite group crystalize in the trigonal system. Magnesite beads are usually white because white magnesite is most easily obtained, but it can also be gray, brown, orange, light pink, light green or yellow. The appearance of magnesite is chalky and marbled and it often has black rock veins running through the mineral. Best magnesite comes from Austria, Syria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, Iceland, Brazil, and USA, and it very easily obtainable. This is important to know especially for wholesale clients.

Magnesite’s marble-like look makes it very popular for making jewelry. It can be shaped into beautiful smooth beads for necklaces and bracelets. Its white color makes it very elegant and sophisticated. Apart from its looks, magnesite jewelry is also worn because of its strong healing and metaphysical properties.

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Product Details

• Material: Magnesite
• Bead Dimensions (mm): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 mm
• Pieces: 1 bead per quantity
• Color: White
• Uses: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, spacer beads
• Retail offers: Yes
• Wholesale offers: Yes

Magnesite Bead Benefits, Zodiac and Metaphysical Healing Properties

Loose bead details
The strongest energies of this stone bring a sense of peace and centeredness. It facilitates development of selfless love where one can be in the knowledge of one’s own worth and worthiness and allows others to develop in their own way and at their own pace. It works closely with the heart chakra and helps to raise the energy of love to even higher levels which is a great thing. Chakra healing and meditation are very important for our spiritual health and magnesite can help with its strong energy.

Magnesite is the lucky stone for intellectuals, scholars and researchers. Wearing magnesite beads can help you with your intellectual skills, learning, and research. It give you the clarity and knowledge to look at a certain problem from many different perspectives and give you more insight. Magnesite beads also helps you to focus better and finish tasks more easily. It is very helpful to wear magnesite when you need to study for an exam, or do research on a particular topic or problem. Apart from increasing your concentration, it also increases your memory and enables you to remember things more easily and to recall any data that you need. Magnesite can be used during meditation to help you come up with new, creative ideas that your rational mind struggles with. Wearing jewelry that contains magnesite will protect you from self-deceit and help you to see the truth without any fear. That is very important because if you’re able to see things as they truly are and accept them without fear or denial, that can help you to find answers and solve any problems you might have.

Magnesite also has an amazing ability to connect the subconscious and the conscious mind, as well as the creative left side of your brain with the more logical right side of your brain. Combing those two sides will give you greater insight and answer many of your questions.

Magnesite is a catalyst for change within the self, it helps you to recognize changes you need to make within yourself. Externally, it brings the truth to the surface and exposes deceit and deception in all forms. Working deeply in meditation, magnesite encourages harmony and mental balance.

It’s particularly good for stressed out and nervous people, getting them to a state of peace. It helps with all nervous disorders and since it’s high in magnesium content, it means that it’s useful for any disorder or disease relating to digestive system or eliminating toxins. It is also good for any kind of detox. Magnesite beads also helpful with high blood pressure. One of the reasons we suffer from high blood pressure is because we don’t actually have enough magnesium in our system and we need to bring up the potassium and balance it out. So we are really lacking minerals and that’s one of the things that causes high blood pressure. Consequently, magnesite is also used with weight and cholesterol problems. And again, cholesterol contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, kidney damage etc. Magnesite can help balance those energies out and restore health in your body.

Magnesite beads also inspires a need to look carefully at your motivations. Are you standing strongly in your own space or are you allowing yourself to be affected and influenced by the problems of others? Often the problems of others become your problems and magnesite can help you realize that and bring you more inwards to focus on yourself. Helping other people is great, but all of us should have a limit and not let other people use us. The energy of magnesite restores that balance and helps you to take care of yourself first.

White Magnesite Bead Shipping Times

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After the order is placed and confirmed by the payment processor, we will process it and ship to you within 24 - 72 hours (except for weekends when the post office is closed). If you place a wholesale order for beads with quantities over 1000, please allow it few more days to process.
Economic Shipping: 7 - 20 days worldwide
Express Shipping: 2 - 5 business days worldwide

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Magnesite beads are great Review by Sarah Jey
My favorite bead for making high quality jewelry, love magnesite and its white color :) (Posted on 10/12/2017)

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