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AiryCharm Wholesale White Blue Moonstone Beads

Beads introduction

Moonstone isn't just a white crystal; it comes in a whole variety of colors. You can find moonstone in a white/blue color, peach color, gray color, brown color, green color, and even black. White moonstone is also called rainbow moonstone because it has because it has deep blue color that when caught in the light, dances across the surface. Because of that beautiful color and vibrancy of the moonstone, it is extremely popular as jewelry.

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Product Details

• Material: White Blue Moonstone
• Bead Dimensions (mm): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 mm
• Pieces: 1 bead per quantity
• Color: Translucent
• Uses: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, spacer beads
• Retail offers: Yes

White Blue Moonstone Bead Benefits and Healing Properties

Loose bead details

Having that deep blue or indigo sheen, moonstone can really help your intuitive or you psychic skills. The best time to work with moonstone is when the moon is full. Moonstone helps us align with the energy of the moon. What tends to happen around a full moon is that people get crazy, they have trouble sleeping, that’s where the word lunatic comes from. And in our common day society, we tend to just go about our every day, we don’t change with the changes of the moon or the cycles of the moon. When you pay attention to the full moon, you’ll find that it’s actually very powerful, peaceful, nurturing and intuitive as well. What happens when we’re not working in alignment with that energy when the moon is full, we get agitated. We have problems sleeping when the moon is full is because our intuition is on high gear and we try to get these intuitive messages, but we’re trying to sleep at the same time. or we’re trying to go rush about our normal chaotic day when the full moon is just trying to get us to rest. So wearing a moonstone when the moon is full helps us to align with that energy and just go about your day. It doesn’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing all day, but just go about that day a little bit more gentler, more nurturing, and to open up that intuition to work with the energy of the moon rather than working against it. And that’s why it’s a very good idea to wear moonstone when the moon is full.

Moonstone has a very divine, motherly, feminine, or goddess energy so it’s very nurturing and protective, just like a mother is. So it’s great to wear moonstone when you have a new business starting up or a new project, or a new job, or even a new relationship as well. Moonstone will protect you guide you that everything goes well and that you have enough energy and care for a new project. It is also good for anyone who is trying to get pregnant. Moonstone helps to regulate your cycles and helps to bring that new creation to the world. Moonstone is also a traveling stone so if you’re going away, take one with you and wear it. Like that protective mother, the moon energy resonates with that moon that you’re wearing and makes sure you don’t get into trouble. The saying says, “Wherever the moon shall shine, you shall be protected when you carry a moonstone.”

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