Wholesale Loose Beads by AiryCharm

Round beads

    The most popular and widely used option all over the industry: loose round beads. Our cheap yet highest quality hand-crafted materials include glass beads that are made of quartz, amber and agate as well as stone beads made of onyx, agate, amazonite, ivory and other materials.

Spacer beads

    Spacer beads are used to separate or illuminate larger beads, giving your jewelry a piece of identity and character. This also makes bracelets a lot more comfortable to wear since spacer beads are lighter than big stone beads yet still fill enough space to cover the arm.

Hand crafted bracelet

    Experience a new world of luxury with our handmade bracelets. Every single bead is hand crafted by a team of talented jewelers and then individually assembled only after the order was placed, resulting in the unique bracelet that was created specifically for you.

Hand crafted necklaces

    Our beautiful, real stone necklaces are hand crafted to perfection. We are only one of the remaining jewelers that do not stock items. Instead, we use your provided bead measurements to start creating unique and personalized necklace from scratch, ensuring the bead and material quality.

Cheap Loose Stone Beads for Retail and Wholesale Customers

AiryCharm has the best loose beads from all over the world, including round, roundelle, barrel shape and spacer beads for all kinds of jewelry. We are one of the very few suppliers who can supply with both unlimited quantities of wholesale beads and small quantities of beads for people looking to create their own jewelry.

For more than ten years, we have been manufacturing highest quality, cheap beads that are used all over the world by well-known fashionistas and industry leading jewelry stores.

AiryCharm accepts both wholesale and retail customers, with no minimum order requirements and worldwide shipping, one can always count on our quality and affordable loose bead prices.